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The person on the other end of the line may not be a representative of your insurance company!
The Choice Is Yours...
Insurance companies often have a special name and phone number for their auto glass claims program but seldom do they mention that the claim is actually being handled by an Auto Glass Network. Most of the networks are telephone call centers owned and operated by large retail auto glass replacement companies.

When you call the 800 number for your claims program, the glass network's computer brings up a screen with the name of the glass claims program for your specific insurance company. They know before they answer the phone which insurance company covers the caller.

When they answer the phone, they identify themselves with the name of the insurance company of the claims program, even though the person answering the phone is an employee of the glass shop's network.

The network employee determines who they want to do the job. If your claim is large, or more expensive with good profit potential, they will try to "steer" the job to one of their own company stores. If it is a smaller claim with lower profit potential, they will send the job to one of the low price glass shops in the area.

The temptation to steer jobs is so widespread that there are presently lawsuits throughout the country seeking to bar this kind of coercion.

The way I see it is this...If these networks use tricks to steer you to one of their shops, what makes you think the tricks stop there?

The auto glass network may tell you that:
...the glass shop you request is not on their list

...that if you don't use a shop on their list there may be no warranty

...that you may have to pay money out-of-pocket if you don't use their    preferred shops.

If you hear this, JUST SAY NO! Because what they're doing is steering you to one of their shops by pretending to be your insurance company.

When a network contacts us to "work out a deal" the first and only question they ask is "Will you do the job for $....." and then offer a ridiculously low price.

They never ask:
  • if we use original manufacturers' (OEM) glass
  • if we use OEM adhesives
  • about the training, experience, and certification of our installers
  • about our "Life of the Vehicle" warranty

Call us first, because who you call is who you'll get.

10 Questions to Ask Your Insurance Agent
(When you are buying a new policy or renewing your old one)
1. If I have an accident, will I be able to obtain repairs at the shop of my choice and have the bill paid in full (less my deductible)?
2. Will the policy that you are selling me pay to repair my vehicle with genuine original equipment parts (OEM)?.
3. Will the insurance company depreciate repairs to my car based on the year of the car or mileage? If so, by how much and what parts are subject to depreciation?
4. If depreciation is a factor, do I get a reduced rate for insurance as my car gets older? How much?
5. If I have an accident will my rates go up? How much? Why?
6. Will my insurance rates increase when I reach a certain age? Many senior citizens are afraid to turn in an insurance claim and then end up paying for the repairs themselves. They are afraid that their insurance company will drop them. Do I have your assurance that I won't be dropped if I file a claim?
7. What will the insurance company pay me if my vehicle is a total loss? How is that figure determined?
8. Do I have coverage for a rental vehicle if my vehicle is in the repair shop? (This coverage is usually inexpensive to buy and you may have to ask specifically if you want to add this coverage.) Do I have enough rental coverage to get a vehicle comparable to my own, and will it cover all the days my car is in the shop?
9. How much money do I really save on my premium each year with a higher deductible? (Your savings may not be as much as you think.)
10. Is the price that you are quoting me a firm figure, or will there be additional (hidden) costs during the term of this policy?

Don't be afraid to ask questions. It's important that you know what you are buying before you write out your check.
"We Care About You and Your Car!

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