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Safety First
In an accident, your vehicle's safety restraint system, of which your windshield is its most vital component, must work perfectly in less than a heartbeat. There is no rehearsal, there is no second chance. So make the safest choice for you and your family...We have.

Safe Auto Glass Replacement Assurance Checklist
This is a checklist we have created for (and have sent to) local agents to use in order to assure their customers will receive a proper and safe windshield replacement. If they choose not to use it, then we encourage you to print a copy of this form to take with you and have the auto glass shop fill out and sign before they perform any work on your vehicle. The safety of you and your family all depends on original equipment glass, urethanes and proper installation procedures. If they didn't do it this way, they didn't do it right.

1. Customer Service Reps provide your client with clear information on the role auto glass plays in their vehicle's Safety Restraint System. Do CSR's understand applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS #208, 212, 216, 219) and the NTMVS Act of '66/'89 and how they affect auto glass installation methods?
2. Use only Original Equipment Quality glass, parts & adhesives.
3. Employs the use of a 2-Tech Installation Team.
4. OE Adhesive Manufacturer Certified Technicians that are trained and skilled in the proper use of primers and adhesives, using fast curing 2-Part adhesives
( Essex brand BETASEAL adhesive ) on vehicles equipped with passenger air bags.
5. Provides a written Auto Glass Replacement Procedure (PDF format) as well as a written Adhesive Usage Policy.
6. Identifies and photo documents existing rust and/or corrosion, and will perform all necessary rust procedures.
7. Offers loaner cars as a matter of convenience and safety.
8. Provides adhesive manufacturer's literature that prescribes the safe drive away time ... and communicates it to your customer.
9. Important! Technicians must take the proper time for a safe installation.
10. Techs must follow Manufacturer's Specifications and Recommendations.
11. Technicians must know and follow Airbag Safety Procedures.
12. The Glass Shop provides a Lifetime Transferable Warranty that covers bonding surfaces, leakage and workmanship for the life of the vehicle.
13. They will restore the vehicle to pre-loss condition.
14. Technicians thoroughly pre-inspect and post-inspect and sign off on their work.

The technology, equipment and skilled personnel are available for a proper and safe auto glass replacement. There is no excuse for ever allowing your clients to receive anything less. The potential dangers to your clients as a result of an auto glass shop skipping procedures and using other "corner cuts" should never be ignored or tolerated.

"No repair facility shall render a safety device inoperative unless it reasonably believes that the vehicle will not be used while the safety device is inoperative." This is why Safe Drive Away Times are so important. SDATs inform installers of when the safety device - in this case, the windshield - can be reasonably believed to be operative. Thus, SDATs define when the applicable federal standards are met.
(49 CFR 571.208)
Occupant Crash Protection
Specifies performance requirements for the protection of vehicle occupants in crashes (i.e. proper deployment of passenger airbags).
FMVSS 212 (49 CFR 571.212) Windshield Mounting
Establishes standards for windshield retention requirements for motor vehicles during crashes. 50% of passive restraints (airbags), 75% for non-passive systems (seat belts).
(49 CFR 571.216)
Roof Crush Resistance
Establishes passenger compartment roof strength requirements to reduce death and injury due to roof crushing in roll over accidents. Up to 60% of roof strength is attributable to a properly bonded windshield.
FMVSS 216 (49 CFR 571.219) Windshield Zone Intrusion
Specifies that the windshield will stay in place and that auto body parts and debris shall not protrude into the passenger compartment.
*Above excerpts were collected from the 1994 Code of Federal Regulations (Title 49, Parts 400-999) and do NOT fully represent each standard. To obtain a copy of the CFR, please contact the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. Telephone: 202-512-1800
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