About Jim Potts Auto Glass

We believe your windshield is much more than a piece of glass… it's peace of mind.

Jim was born and raised in Bryan, Texas, a small town about 100 miles north of Houston. His father worked as a County extension agent (later as an agricultural publisher), and his mother was a school teacher.

In 1972 Jim moved to Lubbock when he had the chance to get in the auto glass business with his uncle. But shortly thereafter, he started his own shop, and operated it very successfully for 16 years, when he sold it to a major network glass operator in 1988.

In 1989, Jim bought a 160 acre farm where he raises cattle and grows grain sorghum. After 5 years of being out on the farm, he realized he missed being in the auto glass business, so he opened his independent facility in 1994.

When recently asked if he had a philosophy of life, Jim simply said, "Try to live by the Golden Rule as much as you can."

Jim and his wife, Charlotte, are die-hard Aggie fans, and have two grown sons, Jim, and Greg.

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   Jim Potts Auto Glass
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   Lubbock, TX
   Ph: 806-765-7877
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   Outside Lubbock

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