We believe your windshield is much more than a piece of glass ...it's peace of mind.

Your windshield, it's not just some piece of auto glass that keeps the bugs and the rain out...not anymore. It's now considered the most vital part of your car's safety restraint system. WHY?
Because without your windshield, your airbags are useless, and in a roll-over accident you'd be crushed. So, never ever accept a cheap or inferior windshield replacement. Because an unsafe installation can cause the failure of this system when you need it most ... at the moment of impact in an accident. Make the safest choice and call us first. All of our work is guaranteed for life and you'll never have to pay one dime more than your deductible.
"A proper and safe windshield installation is not a matter of opinion, it's a matter of correct procedures."

Classic Car Restoration. We can get the glass, channeling, rollers and fittings you need!

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